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Become A HeyWorkout Trainer!

Get More Clients & Earn More From Your Own Home Or Studio

    • As a trainer or yoga instructor you can work from home or your own studio and get paid guaranteed whether or not anyone attends your class.
    • You will have a regular schedule every week with guaranteed work, all from the comfort of your own home or studio.
    • All you need is a laptop with a webcam, a smartphone with a high quality camera, a clean, decluttered space to teach from and a good internet connection.
    • We prefer to work with trainers & yoga instructors with at least 5years experience & who speak English fluently.
    • We are interested in speaking with trainers from all nations and time zones.
  • How Does It Work?

    • HeyWorkout is an innovation, creating the world's first live and interactive online fitness & yoga studio.
    • Our customers can attend unlimited live, interactive fitness & yoga classes from anywhere in the world from only $12-18 (US) per month.
    • During a class you will be able to see and interact with all of the students in your class that have turned on their webcams.
    • We use tailored technology to bring a live trainer (you!) into our customers homes, helping them maintain a well balanced life without any compromises. If you believe in our cause and think you could be a great trainer with us, please get in touch.
  • How Do I Sign Up

    Simply fill in the form below & we will get in touch as soon as possible. We can't wait to speak with you!

    Contacting Us

    If you have any questions or comments about these our Terms of Service as outlined above, you can contact us at: