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Does working out on an empty stomach help burn fat?

Does working out on an empty stomach help burn fat
Download The PDF Transcript Transcript: Hey everyone, my name is Tina Haskim and we’re here for today’s Q&A. Today’s question is: “Does working out on an empty stomach help burn more fat than otherwise?” Consequences of Exercising without eating? When working out on an empty stomach it’s such a fine line between whether you are…
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Could webcam workouts work for you?

We want you to think a little differently about exercise, and how you do it. Do you think the gym is too expensive? Too far? Too intimidating? Too difficult because you can’t get childcare? Over recent weeks we’ve been looking at some of the common reasons why people don’t make it to the gym -…
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30 Minutes of Exercise a Day Can Boost Your Brainpower

Over a decade’s worth of research has consistently shown that exercise is good for your brain as well as your body. And this isn’t just a short-term effect, exercise can provide a lasting brain boost, unlike the quick mental kick you’d get from a cup of coffee. Studies have found that people who exercised during…
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Exercise Enhances Your Creativity

Writer’s block? Stuck on a project and need inspiration? Turns out that a workout could be what you need… We know that exercise is beneficial in many ways, but studies have also shown that exercise can improve our ability to think creatively. In the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Cognitive psychologist Professor Lorenza Colzato found…
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