HeyWorkout FAQ - HeyWorkout


Does The Service Work On All Devices?

It works on all laptops and computers with the Google Chrome web browser. It is available to download here.

Live classes are also available on Android devices with the Google Chrome web browser, this includes phones and tablets. Live classes at the moment are not available on IPads or IPhones but recordings are.

What Is The Benefit Of A Group Webcam Fitness Class?

There are many benefits, for one the instructor can provide you with feedback and keep you accountable during the workout. You can also learn a lot from the feedback the instructor provides to the other mums in the class.

Can I Be Seen By The Other Mums?

No you can't, only the instructor can see you if you attended the class with your webcam turned on.

You can also choose to switch your webcam off and can attend our classes without a webcam. Although we encourage you to attend a class with your webcam turned on to get the most out of every class.

I Haven’t Exercised In A Long Time, Can I Take Part In A Class?

HeyWorkout was made for everyone, the beauty of having a live instructor is that they can adjust the exercises for every level of fitness, so please don’t be shy, join a class, we have a free trial that you can use.

I’m Not Good With Computers, Can I Still Attend A Live Class?

HeyWorkout requires zero technical expertise. All you need is a computer an internet connection and the web browser Google Chrome, for interactivity (being seen by the instructor) you also require a webcam, but most new laptops and computers have one inbuilt.

If you do get stuck, please email us at HeyWorkout@gmail.com.

Is My Webcam Stream Protected?

Only the instructor will be able to access your stream. You can always choose to stop your outgoing video stream by clicking the red 'camera' button, and you will no longer be visible to the instructor. To start streaming again, simply click the green 'camera' button.

Your stream is encrypted using 128-bit AES and HMAC-SHA1 to prevent anybody else accessing it.

What Happens If I Can’t Connect To A Live Class?

First make sure you are on the right web browser. Please use Google Chrome. It is free to download here.

If you are still not able to access a class for any reason please email us at HeyWorkout@gmail.com.

Is Previous Yoga Experience Required To Attend The Yoga Classes?

No, you can join as a complete beginner. We have a range of classes, some for beginners and some for advanced practitioners. Please read the description of the classes to find the class that best suites your ability.

What Types Of Exercises Are On Offer?

We are always introducing new types of exercises ranging from Yoga, Pilates, Body Weight Training to sessions focused on toning the bum and legs, if you have a recommendation please let us know by getting in contact: HeyWorkout@gmail.com

What Are The Instructors Like?

They are all professionals with many years of experience. We only work with Mums or women with significant experience and understanding in how to help mums achieve their goals.

I’m Pregnant, Can I Start Practising Yoga?

Regular yoga practises involve twists, deep lunges with one leg in front of the other. These movements are not recommended for pregnant women. You can attend the regular classes around 3 months after giving birth. We will soon include pregnancy yoga classes, but you should consult you doctor about the risks.