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How To Maintain Your Energy Levels While Breastfeeding?



Hi everyone, my name is Maria, and the question I’m going to answer today is,

“breastfeeding tends to drain all of my energy, how can I maintain my energy levels throughout the day without reaching out for cakes or biscuits?”

Well, breastfeeding is very highly demanding on your body so you need to make sure that you eat right and that you drink lots of water to replace all of the lost fluids, the main thing I want to say is to make sure that your drink enough, always bring a bottle of water with you, this is particularly important if you exercise, but everyone should be doing it while breastfeeding.

Secondly, you to pay attention to what you eat for your main meals and not just your snacks. Your main meals, and this includes breakfast should consist of protein, complex carbs and of course a little bit of fat.

So for breakfast that could be for example a couple of eggs for protein, or Greek yogurt and you can have that with complex carbs like homemade toast or oats or other preferred grains and the same goes for the rest of your meals. If you do that, this will make you feel fuller and will help keep you energised between meals.

But you will also need to snack throughout the day, and that’s great, as long as you keep the snacks healthy, what I find is it all depends on availability, if there are a lot of biscuits and unhealthy snacks around, that is what i’m going to be eating.

So when you are at home, the most important thing to do is to make sure you stock up on healthy snacks such as hummus, vegetable sticks, whole grain toast, nut butter, Greek yogurt with fruit and those kind of things, but when you’re out and about that can become tricky, but you can bring nuts with you, nuts are packed with healthy fats, protein, fibre, minerals and vitamins and they are proven to make you feel fuller and will help you maintain your energy levels between meals.

Fruit are an excellent snack, they are packed with vitamins and fibres, in addition to the fruit sugars, but it gives you more than just empty sugar that you might get from cakes and biscuits.

Now there will be times when you want sweet things and I just want share with you my favourite energy bar recipe with you that I always make.

If you mix your preferred grains and fruits into a food processor with apple juice until you get a gooey paste then spread it out onto a baking tray approximately two centimetres thick and bake it in the oven for about 40minutes on 200C until it gets golden, then cut it into bars, this is really yummy and it will help you maintain your energy levels.

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