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Pregnancy Yoga vs Regular Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga Or Regular Yoga


Hi there, I’m Rozy from Mummy Workouts and the question I’m going to answer today about,

“Women who have got a regular yoga practise and are used to doing a lot of yoga and how it’s important to adapt your yoga to your pregnancy.”

Now think of it this way, maybe you do a lot of yoga, maybe you do Ashtanga yoga, maybe you do dynamic yoga or hot yoga as well, bikram, all sorts of strong yoga, now although they might be wonderful for us when we’re not pregnant but when we’re pregnant we really need to start listening to our bodies and increase our sensitivity to our body.

Wide leg stretches and lunges with one leg forward and one leg back are incredibly difficult to keep alignment in.

Also there is something about letting go and needing to be in control, most Yogis love to control their bodies, they love to know all of the little nuances of their body and as a Yogini who is very aware of her body, it’s important to understand that the body changes everyday when you are pregnant.

The average Yogini that does a lot of yoga will have a strong core, her pelvic floor and her lower abdominal muscles will be very used to being very tightly woven together, this does not support the growing baby, we need to develop elasticity and this involves a lot of abdominal breathing.

Now how do you get a woman that done a lot of yoga to go to a pregnancy class?!

It’s all going to seem so simple and easy and basic, well the thing is going back to the basics is what it’s all about, these simple moves are very effective in adjusting misalignments that are really small that can make all of the difference in your babies position and also your birth outcomes.

You are planting seeds even before you get pregnant in early pregnancy and in mid-pregnancy as to how your labour is going to go.

So if you have lots of bander awareness you’re going to have a very toned lower abdomen, this means you cervix will also be very tight, in labour this is not beneficial in helping the cervix dilate, we need to learn to let it go.

It’s also about fear of letting go, being in control is wonderful, but what you can control wile in labour is how relaxed you are, often women that have done a lot of yoga will seem as though they are coping very well in their labour because they are breathing very deeply, but internally they haven’t learnt to let go.

How do you learn how to let go?

You attend pregnancy yoga, you hang out with other women who are pregnant you learn that you are not alone in the changes, yoga philosophy can really help you, but looking at yoga philosophy from the perspective of pregnancy and motherhood and the drama of motherhood which is to love unconditionally which will help you very much in your journey.

I would encourage those of you who do, do a lot of yoga to have the courage to let go of your regular yoga practise, adapting you normal practise around your bump is one thing, but to embrace the entire journey so that actually what you are doing is saying, “Okay baby, you are the centre of my world now, let’s get to where we need to get to in our body so we can really embrace this journey together.” is real wonderful.

It goes back to contentment and non-violence, not pushing yourself, in some yoga traditions you are encouraged to go to your edge to shake, these are not helpful practises in pregnancy.

Yes we do need to be able to endure, but the endurance that we are used to involves pulling in more in yoga, and what I’m asking you to do is to surrender more in your posture without losing stability.

Muscular energy is important, muscular awareness is important, but so is the organic release of the deep core, focus on building elasticity, definitely do yoga everyday.

Check out any of the videos on Mummy Workouts to actually see how we adapt the yoga and consider your pregnancy outcomes early in your pregnancy and in your mid-pregnancy, this will really help you in your journey.

One pregnancy class a week will really help you to learn the moves that will support your body and do what is comfortable, yes we want strong legs but we also want to build elasticity in our core. I can’t say that enough! (Chuckles).

I really hope you enjoyed this video, if you’d like more of these videos subscribe to the Mummy Workouts channel.


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